Grow food anywhere you can hang a bag.

Vertical gardening creates growing spaces in places you've never imagined.

The time to start planting is now.



Without loving, caring, passionate, and honest people dominating the systems of the world, those that oppose us will always prevail. Taking back our nation and world from corporations led by the greedy cannot be accomplished unless we no longer depend on their products.

We started this business with one goal in mind: to develop food production systems that maximize an individual human's ability to grow food easily and productively, no matter the space. We designed our grow bags specifically to use vertical space because of the cramped design of many modern housing developments.


Because of the centralized, industrial, and mono-crop nature of modern food systems, their focus on money rather than food quality or human health, and the inhumane nature of those who have power over the system - there is no better time than now to learn how to and begin producing your own food; free of pesticides, modified genes, and full of nutrients from a natural ripening process. 

We aim to have vertical grow bags hanging on buildings in cities, apartments, walls, in the projects, on balconies, decks, and homes across America and beyond - aiming to supply the world with a means of producing an abundance of healthy food, right at home. As our facilities and funding grow, so will our accessories and additional products - so check back periodically.  



Like most grow bags, our bags are made from a pressed fabric containing tiny holes that allow the free circulation of air and water through the bag's surface. This benefits the roots of plants by allowing them to more efficiently absorb water and nutrients from the soil. 

Our medium and large grow bags have half-circle inlets cut into them for planting seedlings, with 8 inches of separation between holes allowing an abundance of space for roots stretch before potentially encountering a neighbor.  


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